Our Services

Our Services

Blending Personal Service with Expertise

Cranage Partners offer the following professional services to our clients.



Accounting & Tax

Cranage Partners provide a full range of compliance services.

  • Financial Reporting
  • Company Statements
  • Tax Services & Tax Returns
  • Preparation and lodgement of Business Activity Statement (BAS)
  • Taxation Advice
  • Support in dealing with the Australian Taxation Office

Company compliance issues whether it be lodging your BAS on time, completing and lodging your Income Tax Return or maintaining appropriate records can be time consuming tasks.

At Cranage Partners we work with you to find the most effective and cost efficient way for you to meet your obligations.

We do this by providing you with many options on how to streamline compliance.

  • We have a full suite of MYOB and Quickbooks/Reckon software. This enables you to email your data files to us to prepare your BAS, Income Tax Return and Financial Statements.
  • We can log in remotely and work online with your live data file.
  • We can get data feeds from your bank to upload Bank Statements into our in-house accounting software.
  • We can work from your spreadsheets or manual records and convert them into compliant financial statements.

Working together with you, we will better know you and or your business; we will keep you informed of your responsibilities and obligations. We will help ensure that your tax compliance is achieved with minimum fuss and disruption to your business.

An important added bonus for our clients is that we are naturally proactive, and will spontaneously offer advice and suggestions for accounting solutions where we see opportunities for our clients. It is all part of our service, and comes at no extra cost.

We would be delighted to expand on our services during a free, no-obligation consultation.



Business Advisory Services

Cranage Partners understand small business.

We pride ourselves on our personal service and availability to our clients to discuss business issues, such as business reviews, cash flow management, planning and budgeting, obtaining finance, business structures or business systems. We are here for you when you need independent, unbiased expert advice.

You deal with senior experienced professionals who understand your needs and are readily available to assist you with the management and development of your business. Our aim is to provide constructive guidance towards achieving your business objectives.

Our team’s understanding of small business has been forged through collective experience spanning over 50 years. Small businesses turn to us for advice because we are knowledgeable, accessible, and always there when you need us.

Feel free to contact us for a no-cost meeting to discuss your business issues.



Self Managed Superannuation Funds

Cranage Partners provide administrative and compliance services for Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF).

  • Preparation of Statutory Financial Statements.
  • Preparation and lodgement of Income Tax Returns.
  • Preparation of Statutory Minutes.
  • Maintenance & administration of Pensions and Transitions to Retirement.
  • Advice and monitoring of contributions and pension payments.

We strive to minimise the compliance costs of administration of your retirement assets by automating the data entry process. We do this by getting automated data feeds from the fund’s bank accounts, share registry services and brokers. This approach eliminates time-consuming data entry duplication and the inherent risks for errors. It also saves significant costs, helping you achieve a better-funded, more enjoyable retirement.

We also provide a facility whereby you can access real-time, Cloud-based Superannuation reports. The facility also collects and collates broker’s notes and dividend records, reducing your need to keep paper records.

All these improvements relieve you from the more onerous and tedious aspects of meeting your Trustee responsibilities.

In addition, our SMSF management logistics enable us to answer your queries or make our own suggestions in the fastest, most efficient way.

Coupled with our taxation and accounting support, we believe that our services are at the cutting edge of the efficient, cost-effective administration of SMSF’s today.

If you would like to know how it all works, just call us: we would be only too happy to demonstrate these services to you.


Corporate Compliance

Full management of your corporate compliance records.

Do you find the maintenance of company records, the preparation of ASIC declarations, and the maintenance of regulatory company records such as company registers a burden you’d gladly do without? We can help here too!

We can maintain your company register at our office ensuring you meet your obligations under the Corporations Act:

  • We will prepare and lodge amendments to your company records such as changes in Directors, addresses and shareholdings.
  • We will remind you when your annual fee to ASIC is due and prepare the relevant minutes.
  • We will prepare other statutory declarations and submit the relevant minutes.

We maintain your statutory register electronically on our server and can lodge amendments directly to ASIC, relieving you of the compliance burden.

And the cost? Just ask us, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Contact Us To Discuss Your Corporate Compliance Needs.


Business Audit – Owners Corporation & Company Auditing

The audit team at Cranage Partners specialise in the following:

  • Owners' Corporations, including Body Corporates.
  • Independent Assurance Practitioner’s Review Reports.
  • Branches and subsidiaries of local and foreign companies.
  • Private Company audits.
  • Not for Profit audit reports.

James Cranage is the principal of Cranage Partners and is a registered company auditor. Jim has over 30 years' audit experience.

The audits are conducted in accordance with the Australian Auditing Standards by an experienced auditor on the basis of audit programs that are tailored to the organisation’s size and risk profile.

Cranage Partners will perform the audit, either at your business premises or at the Cranage Partners office located in Malvern, depending on the type, size and complexity of the assignment.

The Cranage Partners team are experienced auditors. We conduct our audits quickly, efficiently and economically, and are always happy to provide a competitive quote for the work.

Contact Us Today For All Your Auditing Needs.



We can tailor our services to your needs.

Our professional bookkeeping service will provide businesses with the opportunity to outsource their payroll, bookkeeping, record management and tax reporting obligations to experienced staff allowing you to optimise the skills and resources for the success of your business.

We have access to MYOB and Reckon bookkeeping software and can provide the service via the cloud, remote login, onsite or from our office.

Our services can be extended to incorporate Taxation, Preparation of Financial Statements, Finance Applications and Management Consulting.

Contact Cranage Partners to discuss how we can custom our service to best suit your needs.